All online casinos allow players to wager only if they use a remote operated financial service to deposit real money. Also referred to as the casino banking methods, these services allow players to withdraw their winnings if any. In order to cater to a diverse section of online customers, casinos offer many different banking methods.

There are many different banking methods accepted by casinos including credit cards. In shopping malls, credit cards are physically given for swiping. As you pay the deposit at the online casinos, you must enter the credit card details along with the deposit amount. When the transaction is over, the credit card company automatically transfers the funds to the online casino after which you will receive the bill for the same.

American Express, MasterCard and Visa are some of the credit cards accepted by all online casinos. If you are planning on using the debit card, the process is the same. You must however load the card up front before making the online payment to the casino. Many customers today use the pre-paid card option. This is similar to the debit cards but is of small value and can be used only once. One of the major advantages of using a debit or credit card is that many people are familiar with their usage.

Authorities of certain countries are against online gambling and forbid citizens from using debit or credit cards at online casinos. Banks in these countries block any financial transaction using credit cards. Credit card companies also do not allow withdrawals in their account. Identity theft is a major concern today which is one of the reasons why people do not wish to store their credit card details on numerous servers which is necessary if they are using multiple casino sites online.

Enthusiastic players from such countries take the help of alternative payment options or electronic payment options. Some of the most popular electronic bank accounts used by players include E-wallets and e-wallet. You can use your credit card or conventional methods of banking to fund these accounts. Using this e-wallet, you can access and enjoy playing at any of the online casinos.

Those who do not wish to become victims of identity theft therefore increasingly use alternative payment methods. The same option can be used for withdrawals as well as deposits as withdrawals are also accepted from online casinos by e-wallets.

If you plan on using the electronic prepaid card option, you are at a better advantage. There will be no record of your transactions as you can fund casinos with cash. Fixed denomination electronic prepaid vouchers can be purchased by players at local retail outlets using credit card or by paying cash. Only the players can access the coded number in the voucher. To transfer funds, all you have to do is to visit the online casino and login to enter the coded number. Under normal circumstances not many players use the conventional options such as wire transfers and paper checks offered by many casinos.