In order to attract new customers the online casinos offer unique bonuses that give loyalty to various players. These bonuses are given to the players in many ways. The most popular method is with the help of the website of the casino.

Apart from this another method that is used by the companies for offering bonuses is through e-mails. The bonuses offered do not have a long span and it is because of this reason that they do not post this on the website. Exclusive bonuses are another way of issuing bonus to the players.

The third party websites are used when the casino opts for giving exclusive bonuses to their clients. The third party websites can be forums, directories or even review sites.They are known as exclusive bonus because they are offered only to the third party members.  These bonuses are offered to the players who are new to this game. They are a part of welcome bonus offered to the new player.

Exclusive bonuses are offered by the casinos with a particular motive in mind. When the new players want to try their luck in the casino they do not have any special site in mind to begin with. Most of the new players check the directories and the forum where they get to know more about the casino and see if that can be suitable for them to play with.

If the customer searches on the search engine for “online casino” then it would lead to various directories or forum of casinos.  The third party sites have the power to attract a great deal of traffic and can direct a particular segment of the traffic to a specific casino with the help of advertisements or links that are provided at the web sites.

Exclusive bonuses are offered to third party websites where there is a large traffic generated by those who have approached various casino sites. There are some bonuses that are posted on the website of the casino. These bonuses are offered for bulk purchases and there are lots of other discounts. Unlike certain bonuses, deposit bonuses are limited to a certain percent of deposit within a range of maximum and minimum amount. If you are keen to go for a higher percent then you can go for exclusive bonuses that can offer you any amount without any restriction on the higher and lower amount.

However, when the player is keen to go for exclusive bonuses they need to keep certain factors into consideration. They need to check if the offer is still valid or has expired. Usually these bonuses are offered for a specific period of time and that time period may not be mentioned in the offer. So it is the job of the player to check that out if they need to be safe. Once the player is eligible for the bonus the time period of this can be extended with the mutual consent of the casino and other third parties that are involved.

You may wonder what could happen if the bonus is not renewed and it expires. Well, it is important to check if the third party has removed the offer from the website or not. If it is not there on the website and of the policy has lapsed then there is no point wasting time on that.

The exact procedure of the casino and the redemption of the bonus points needs to be understood well by the player. The players are usually directed to come to the casino with the help of a link of a third party website. There are some casinos that ask for a coupon code for redeeming the bonus.