In order to retain existing players and to attract new players from across the world, online casinos offer many promotions and bonuses. Players come to know of these bonuses through the casino website. The promotions section of the site is constantly updated and you can get access to the latest deals here.

Some casinos send information about these bonuses to existing players via e-mails. As these bonuses are offered for a very short period of time, these casinos do not post them on their site. Exclusive bonus is another method of offering bonuses.

Third party websites such as casino review sites, casino directories and casino forums offer the exclusive bonuses. These bonuses are referred to as exclusive bonuses because they are offered by third party members. These welcome bonuses are offered especially to attract and retain new players.

As a new player, you will understandably not have any specific casino in mind. New players search randomly for a casino to start their exciting online gaming journey. By offering them exclusive bonuses, online casinos have a great advantage.

Casino review sites and directories are places where players are led to as the search with terms like “online casino”. Third party sites use advertisements and links on their websites to channel a large number of traffic to online casino sites. Players who approach the casino through the third party websites are offered these exclusive bonuses which are nothing but huge discounts given for bulk purchase. This type of bonus is much better than the normal bonuses announced by the casino on their website from time to time.

Depending on the upper limit specified for the bonus, each deposit made by the player is eligible for the deposit bonus which amounts to a specified percentage of the deposit itself. As compared to the deposit bonus with a higher upper limit than normal or even as compared to a normal bonus, exclusive bonuses offer higher percentage.

Before you avail the exclusive bonus on offer, you must keep a few factors in mind. Check whether the website you are using is updated. This means you must check if the exclusive bonus offered by the site is valid or expired as these bonuses are usually offered for a specified period of time. Validity period is generally mentioned in the offer and is renewed depending on the agreement between the third party and the online casino. You will only be wasting time trying to claim the offer that has expired due to negligence by the third party in removing the offer from their site.

Another factor to keep in mind is you must read and follow carefully the specified procedure. For example, instead of clicking on and following the link related to the offer from the third party website, if you try to directly access the casino, you cannot avail the exclusive bonus.

Certain casinos require players to get the coupon code from the third party website and enter the same to redeem exclusive bonus. This way, you confirm to the online casino that you have entered through the third party site and are therefore eligible for the bonus.