Only when the players are able to deposit real money in the casinos, it would be possible for them to wager and withdraw the amount they have won. Casino banking methods are crucial in order to achieve this. There are many methods for banking that are offered at different casinos in order to take care of the customers, at least majority of them.

There are many categories of casino banking. The first option is the credit card facility. This card can be used in the same way how you will be using this in the shopping malls. The only difference is that in shopping malls you have to use the card for swiping it and in online casinos there is no necessity for the same.

Along with a secure internet connection you need to input the details of the credit card along with the amount you need to deposit. Once the transaction is done the funds are debited by the online casino and the players needs to pay the bill to the credit card company.

Visa, American Express and Master’s card are the commonly accepted cards at the casinos. Apart from credit cards; debit cards can also be used as they function in almost similar way. The only difference is that when using debit card the player has to pay upfront. There are prepaid cards as well that can be of a very small value but it is a one time use debit card and this mode of payment has become a popular one these days. People are familiar using these cards and hence they are used more.

There are several problems faced by many clients when it comes to use of debit and credit cards around the globe. The banks located in some countries do not allow gambling transactions online and the credit card companies also do not permit withdrawals in their account. Players who normally wager at more than one casino usually feel insecure to us their credit cards for such transactions.

The players have experienced a lot of problems while they used their credit cards and hence opt for other payment options that can be done electronically. The most common option is the e-wallet. These are basically a bank account that can be operated electronically. One can use this just like they use the credit or debit cards. It is important to remember that one –wallet account cab be used to fund many casino accounts online.

E-wallets can reduce he scope of identity theft to a great extent. With the help of e-wallets you can also accept the withdrawal. Hence it is user friendly and can be used for both withdrawal and for deposits. Some of the common e-wallets are money bookers and Neteller.

Electronic prepaid card is yet another option that can be used for the payment. There is an additional advantage in this method. The player can use cash to fund the account and hence there would be no transaction record that will be registered.

Cash and credit cards can be used at all the retail outlets in order to purchase a prepaid voucher or a card with a fixed denomination. The card will have a coded number that can be accessible only to the player. All the player needs to do is to log in to an online casino and input the coded number that can enable them to transfer the funds. One such popular option is Ukash.

There are many casinos that offer wire transfer and paper checks that are conventional and not frequently used in many casinos today.