American Express, otherwise known as Amex, is a convenient payment option for American customers. Many American customers will already hold an Amex card, making it a simple option to use. The biggest setback to using an American Express card to deposit money into an online poker or casino account is the fact that there are not very many online poker rooms and casinos that accept Amex as a payment option.

Following the passing of the UIGEA laws in the United States in 2006, many online poker rooms and casinos stopped accepting American players to their sites. American gamblers now need to look carefully for a site that will accept them. Once they have found a site that will accept them they need to make sure that the site offers a selection of payment options that are convenient for a US customer to use. Sites that offer American Express as a payment option are very popular among US players.

Why Deposit Using Amex?

American Express enjoys a strong reputation of safety and security. They are a long-established organization with roots all the way back to 1850. They became involved in the credit card industry in 1958 and have grown since that time.

Amex casino Rushmore offers 100% up to $400Thesecurity associated with using an American Express credit card is strong. They ensure high security on multiple levels, leaving their customers in no doubt that their financial information will be well protected. American Express is only offered as a payment option at casinos that offer a minimum of 128 bit SSL data encryption technology. Every American Express card has a security code printed on it and this code needs to be entered at the casino every time you want to make a transaction. In addition, the security code is not stored on the servers of the casino, but rather on the servers of Amex itself. This prevents hackers to the casino being able to access your security code.

American Express offers higher deposit limits than most other major credit cards. Clients who hold a Platinum or Black Amex card will be offered even higher limits. In addition, online casinos want to encourage the holders of Amex cards to use them for transactions and as a result they often offer even higher deposit limits. This adds a level of convenience for holders of Amex cards that many other customers do not have. These payments are also often processed fast compared to the processing of payments with other credit cards.

It is not common for payments made using American Express to be rejected. Even with the higher deposit limits allowed with American Express payments and following the passing of UIGEA laws, the rejection rate is low compared to that of credit cards.


All-in-all, American Express is a beneficial deposit option, particularly for American clients of an online poker room or casino. The hardest part about using Amex may be finding an online poker room or casino that accepts it. Once you have done that, simply visit the cashier and follow the steps for American Express payments.