Amex- a synopsis

American Express or Amex is a famous banking option for American players. It offers greater level of convenience to American players than other banking options. The UIGEA(Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) laws in the US stresses the importance of safe and convenient banking options for American gamblers.

Many American players prefer to spend time to find an Amex casino.

UIGEA laws and online gambling

The UIGEA laws were passed by the Bush Administration as part of the SAFE Port Act in the year 2006. The laws consider transferring money from a financial institution to an online gambling site as unlawful. It is illegal to transfer funds to play gambling online. However, it is not illegal to gamble online. Such changes in the law had a great impact on the business of many online casinos. Most of them stopped accepting American players to their sites.

Some of the banking options also impeded American customers.  Hence, US players have faced numerous complications in online gambling, especially in funding an online gambling account.

Amex is an American credit card and so it is accepted by online casinos. Online casinos that accept Amex accepts American players also. Hence, American players find it more convenient to find and play at an Amex casino.

Finding an Amex casino is the key

Many online players find it difficult to choose an online casino to play, as there are numerous options. However, the options are limited to American players.

An American player who wants to play safely needs to find an Amex casino first. If he has found a few Amex casinos, he needs to choose the best Amex casino.  He needs to ensure whether the casino is secure and reliable.

Licensing and casino regulations should be considered, before choosing a casino. The privacy policy, safety and security are some other important aspects to look for. The best Amex casino is one that offers faultless customer service and support. It should offer convenient contact methods like toll free phone number, live chat etc.

It is also important to check whether the casino offers the games that the individual wants to play. Choosing an Amex casino offering impressive graphics and numerous amazing bonuses and promotions can help him enjoy a great online gambling experience.  If a casino meets all these requirements, the individual can start playing safely and joyfully.

Banking with an Amex casino

An individual can enjoy higher level of safety and security by banking with an Amex casino. The American Express offers 128 bit SSL data encryption technology that ensures the player that his financial information is safe.

Amex also employs various security systems at different levels, which make it the safest option.  The player needs to enter a security code available on the card, every time he makes a transaction using the American Express card. The security code entered by the player is served on the Amex servers and not on the casino servers. This enhances the level of security.