With the advent of internet technology there are too many casinos online and hence too many options for banking. It is not possible for all the casinos to provide all types of banking options to the players.

It is important for all the players to understand that all the online casinos need to incur some cost when they go with a particular banking option. In order to meet the cost it is important for the online casino to generate sufficient funds to meet that cost. It is natural for all the online casinos to attract only those banking options that can draw sufficient deposits.

In United States one such banking option that is popular is the American express. The Amercian express credit cards are used by the Americans in shopping malls, restaurants and for other major online purchases like travel tickets and so on.

It is important to understand that those casinos that accept Amercian players will also accept American express as an option to bank. All the online casinos do not accept American players due to this reason.

The government in the United States has taken several steps to stop online gambling and thereby introduced a lot of laws. There is a lack of clarity among the players when it comes to the legality of online gambling in United States. It is for this reason that many online gambling software providers like Playtech, Microgaming and Cryptologic have stopped their operation in the United States.

American players are not accepted by online casinos that are powered by software providers. These providers are now concentrating more on United Kingdom, Asia and Europe. It is so because in these continents there is no problem in accepting American express credit card as a banking option. For them to accept a Master card or Visa makes more sense than other things. This is so because they are more prevalent in their customer base.

There are more than one reason why the online casinos refuse American Express Credit cards. One more reason is the usage of credit cards on the whole. Today we can see that the players who visit online casinos do not prefer to use credit cards to make their deposits and they are looking for alternative payment modes.