One of the most popular banking options in America is American Express, popularly known as Amex. The reason for this being so popular is the level of convenience it offers. The same facilities are not available with other banking options.

With the UIGEA laws been introduced, American players are now more concerned and looking forward to safe banking options more than what it was before. In fact some players do not start playing unless hey can find an Amex casino.

American Gambling online and UIGEA

The unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act also known as UIGEA laws were introduced for the first time during the time of Bush administration. These laws are so beneficial as they make the transfer of money from one financial institution to a particular gambling site. The transfer of funds for the sake of online gambling is considered to be illegal according to this law.

Due to this law a lot of online casinos were put off and they stopped accepting Americans to their sites. There were some banking options that did not accept US customers. Hence funding an online gaming account became more challenging for the players from US.

Amex is basically a credit card that is valid in America. Hence Amex accepts US players. If an American finds Amex casino it is a great relief for them.

How to look for Amex casino

There are many options for online casino available today. Hence to locate a good site has become a challenge.  This is true for all players except the Americans. For any American player the options are limited. To look for an amex casino is the first thing American players do when they want to play online casino.

Once the list of Amex casinos is noted down, your decision on which casino is join is crucial. In any case since there are so many casinos available online it is important to check the reliability and security of the casino. Before you enroll in any casino you can check the license and the regulation of the casino and understand the privacy policy and the security of the same.

Quality customer service is offered in good Amex casinos with various contact methods that are convenient like the toll free number. As a player you need to check if Amex casinos provide all the games that you like to play that includes attractive graphics and offers some wonderful promotions and bonuses. If you can find all these in the Amex casino then you can be sure of making the right choice.

Amex Casino- Security

A lot of safety and security is offered to the players who choose Amex casinos. All the amex casinos will have a 128 bit SSl data encryption technology just to make sure that the financial details of the players are not leaked out.Most of the security systems are installed by American Express. These security systems are employed at multiple levels thereby giving additional security.

When the player uses American Express card for his transaction it is crucial  for him to enter the security code that can be located on the card itself. The security code when entered by the player gets automatically stored in the Amex servers and not in the servers of the casino.