American Express, otherwise known as Amex, is a popular banking option among American players. Amex offers a level of convenience to its American clientele that other banking options do not possess.

With the passing of the UIGEA laws in the United States, convenient and safe banking options for American players, are more important than ever. The ability to find an Amex casino is a priority for some American online gamblers.

UIGEA and American Online Gambling

The UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) laws were passed as part of the SAFE Port Act by the Bush Administration in 2006. These laws make it illegal to transfer money from a financial institution to an online gambling site. In other words, it is illegal to transfer funds for the purposes of online gambling.

However, it is not illegal to gamble in and of itself. Many online casinos were put off by the changes in the law and stopped accepting US players to their sites. Some banking options stopped accepting US customers. This all made online gambling, in general, and funding an online gaming account, in particular, far more complicated for US players.

Since Amex is an American credit card, online casinos that accept Amex, also accept US players. For an American player, finding an Amex casino is a huge convenience.

Finding an Amex Casino

It is difficult to find an online casino to play at due to the large number of options that are available. However, for an American player, the options are more limited. Finding an Amex casino is the first step to finding an online casino that Americans can safely play at.

Once you have found a list of Amex casinos you will need to decide which the best Amex casino for you to join is. Make sure to check the reliability and security of the casino. Look at aspects such as the licensing and regulation of the casino and the safety, security and privacy policy of the casino.

A top Amex casino should offer quality customer service support with convenient contact methods from the US, such as a toll free telephone number. Make sure that the Amex casino offers the games that you want to play, realistic graphics and plenty of exciting bonuses and promotions. If all of these pre-requisites are met, you can safely and happily begin to play at the Amex casino of your choice.

Security with an Amex Casino

Banking with an Amex casino offers the benefit of safety and security. You will find American Express offered at online casinos that offer a minimum of 128-bit SSL data encryption technology to ensure the security of your financial information. American Express itself employs security systems at multiple levels, making it more secure than many other options.

Every time a player makes a transaction using his American Express card, he will need to enter a security code that is found on the card itself. To add any even further layer of security, the security code that the player enters is stored on the Amex servers and not the servers of the casino.