Atlantic City Casinos Face Evacuation Due to Storm?

A blast superstorm adequately dubbed Hurricane Sandy as it has already killed 43 people when it crossed the Caribbean, is expected to hit the eastern coast of the United States any moment, and New Jersey governor Chris Christie has ordered the evacuation of all Atlantic City casinos and the state’s barrier islands, as well as the closure of state parks by the afternoon on Oct. 28.

Other neighboring states& governors made similar moves, declaring states of emergency and urging coastal residents to move inland. In New York City, they are considering whether to shut down public transportation, and many airlines have already announced potential cancellations and waiving change fees for passengers who want to reschedule their flights.

Hurricane Sandy is expected to reach the coastline on Tuesday and to first hit the area around Delaware. A big threat is the fact that it can run into two major winter weather systems, and create one huge storm.

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