4 Responses to “Has anyone used solid debit card to deposit into casino account?”

  1. Galen R says:

    Many casinos are safe. For ex. you can find the list of high ranked credit card casinos here:

  2. andrew_slots says:

    I want add: you must see money in your account after you make the deposit. Immediately.

  3. GamblingMaster says:

    It is safe when you use safe sites.
    I suggest you to check http://www.bettingwise.com/usagamblingsites.html
    for USA welcome sites if you are from USA
    If no then check the other reviews of the sites.
    All sites are reviewed indipendently and are safe and secure. When you deposit money are in your account in the same minute.

  4. nolimits_s says:

    Well most preferred casino payment methods include Insta Debit Cards, Neteller, Citadel, Money Bookers, and many more to name. A list of all the preferred payment methods are as given here:


    Make sure you choose any one of it that you already have and make payments with utmost security through these channels only. Anything else other than those would be an experiment 🙂

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