Is Gambling Top Issue in Hungary?

The Hungarian Parliament received a bill on Monday which described unidentified gambling industry related issues as a potential threat to Hungary’s National Security.

A final vote on the ruling majority party’s legal amendments to the law that would effectively prevent new and remove existing slot machines in low-range bars, pubs, and other venues is expected very soon.

It should be a top priority issue for Hungarian Government thinks State Secretary Janos Lazar: “Gambling is explicitly dangerous and harmful for society.”

As for the expected budget revenue shortfalls caused by the proposed slot machine ban, it will be compensated through new regulations and taxes on the mostly unregulated online gambling sector. Lazar also said that the Justice Ministry is addressing a solution for suppressing illegal operators along with regulating and taxing internet gambling.

The governing Fidesz political party in September 2011 proposed and submitted the introduction of internet gambling operator permits and a 20 percent tax levied on net revenue.

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