No Poker and Sports Betting at Bodogs Revamped UK Site?

A report emerged this week that the revamped version of Bodog&s UK site will no longer offer, but rather focus on online and live dealer casino operations. The report arrived not long after numerous players got transferred from the old UK site to the .eu Bodog domain, which is now closed.

A hint of this happening could be found in the company&s recent statement that it plans to target the new site at the Asian ex-pat community, but that online poker will “…not be included in the initial launch of the new UK-facing website.”

The changes, of which players have already been notified, may cause some departures from the site, in which case the management advised players to feel free to cash out their account balances.

Both the UK Bodog and the Bodog Poker Network ownership changed recently, when the operators of the Bodog Asia brand franchise acquired them both.

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