UK Gambling Commission and National Lottery Commission to Merge?

This week the UK government has pushed forward its plan to merge the Gambling Commission and the National Lottery Commission in order to reduce costs by decreasing the number and expenses of public bodies, moving this initiative to the consultative stage.

On this stage, the government says it strives to keep providing appropriate and effective regulation of gambling and the National Lottery along with other organisational benefits, adding that the merger should ensure regulation that will keep protecting the public, above all having in mind the rapid change and innovation in the overall gambling market, at the same time allowing regulated sectors to flourish.

In addition, the government plans to exploit the Public Bodies Act 2011 where the merger plan is included, to implement the process, abolish the NLC and transfer its powers to the Gambling Commission.

In line with this plan and the law requirement that ministers need to consult on their proposals before laying draft legislation, the government is now calling for comments and the publication of an impact assessment.

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