What online casino is easy to withdraw from?

Ive deposited in numerous online casino’s quite easily but when it comes to withdrawing my winnings, its like pulling teeth. They need you to send them photocopies of your license and credit card, a picture of your firstborn, dna samples…… where is it easier??

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  1. pat_magrath says:

    if u are from australia the perfect sites to play are fulltilt and pokerstars and hansa poker sites. these are great because if u want to withdrawl at any point u can have it within 24 hours into your bank account through gray bensons service. if u are not familiar with gary benson well he is a profesional australian gambler and has been respected for many year around the circuts. he has won many tournaments and played poker for a long time. maybe u can check him out on wikipedia or something. but his site is garybenson.com.au. i have used him for 2 years now. it will feel a bit weird at first when u transfer the money to him and just wait for the money to come into your bank account. its kinda like a trust thing. but not really. its all %100 percent legit. make sure u read the instructions carefully and follow all the steps in order. if u stuff up the order then u can do it again its ok. anyways good luck at the tables. gary is our poker god downunder baby!

  2. Niki S says:

    Try BF, I am playing there from years and noone asked me for that info. And the transactions are very fast. Its one of the most popular gambling sites. For more info visit this link http://nadalbg.proboards61.com/index.cgi?board=andbonusesforthem&action=display&thread=1183375527

  3. Paula J says:

    To be honest, and from what I have personally learned from experience, it is better to have to send ID before you cashout, because the casino does that for your protection. Most places only require you to send your ID once to them, then any time after that if you cashout you do not have to repeat that process. I found that the best casinos that are safe and secure to play at, and that also pay everytime with no hassle (after you have send ID once) are http://www.slotocash.com/get/a?id=18338 and http://www.fortuneaffiliates.com/tagservlet/tagservlet?btag=ad_219874 and http://g3.casinoshare.com/href.g3?mi=372&ai=pa613922_aff__2a6ef9b9f3254f17ac7852bb2f9bc77a in that order. Hope that helps 🙂

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