which credit card terms and condition is prefer? 10 points best answer?

which credit card terms and condition is prefer and why

in this case i am comparing between washington mutual and bank of america

here’s the terms and condition for

annual percentage rate(APR) – 9.99% platinum 16.99 gold 17.25 silver
other atr- promotional balance transfer apr:2.99% on balance transfer requested with your application cash advance apr: 19.99%
default apr: up to the prime rate plus 23.24 or up to 29.99%
whichever is greater, and may vary

variable rate info- purchase apr : 9.99% or the prime rate + 3.24 whichever is greater
promotional balance transfer apr:2.99% or the prime rate minus 3.76% whichever is greater
cash advance apr 19.99% or the prime rate plus 13.24% whichever is greater

grace period for purchases- at least 25 days if the new balance is paid in full by the payment due date

annual fee- $0
minimum finance charge – $1
transaction fee for purchases- for purchases made outside the U.S and its territories: 1% of each purchase

cash advance fee- 3% of the advance ($10 minimum)
Balance transfer fee: $0 for balances transferred now. For future offers, a fee of up to 3% of each balance transfer
($5 min./$75 max, per transfer) may apply
late fee: $19 if balance is less than $200
$39 if balance is $200 or greater
over limit fee: $35 if you exceed your credit line at any time during a billing cycle.


annual percentage rate- 13.24%
other apr- 0% introductory, apr for balance transfer and cash advance checks through your first six statement closing dates, after that, the variable apr is 13.24%. the variable apr for bank and atm cash advance is 24.24%
default apr is up to 29.99%
variable rate info. check apr for both visa signature and platinum plus accounts, the margins for the bank and atm cash advance apr is 15.99%
grace period for repayment of balance for purchases- At least 20 days from the statement closing date (provided you full paid your new balance total from the previous statement by its payment due date
annual fee- $19
method of commuting the balance for purchases- average daily balance (including new transactions)
transaction fees for purchases-transaction fees for the purchase of wire transfer, person to person money transfer, bets, lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, money order etc 3% of each such purchases (minimum $10)

foreign transaction- transaction fees for any transaction made in a foreign currency, 3% of the U.S. dollar amount of each such transaction. the fee will be in addition to any other appliable fees

i really need to know which of those two banks are better
please and thank u

2 Responses to “which credit card terms and condition is prefer? 10 points best answer?”

  1. Judy says:

    You should not be looking at APR.
    People that carry balances and pay interest are the ones that look at APRs.
    You won’t be doing this – since you want top notch credit scores.
    Carrying balances not only reduces credit scores – it can devastate your life.
    Remember – employers check.

    Neither of them carry an annual fee.
    Go for the one that gives you more cash back rewards.
    Last year I made $500 bucks free cash – never paid a penny interest since I paid in full.

    If you plan to do something dumb, like carry balances to ruin your life you need the one with the fixed APR = Washington Mutual.

  2. StephenWeinstein says:

    For ME, the card from Chase (which you are calling by the old name Washington Mutual, which no longer exists) is better because its annual fee is $0, the Bank of America annual fee is $19, and none of the other things affect me enough to matter. However, the Bank of America card might be better for YOU, if one of the other differences affects you, even though it does not affect me.

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