which on-line casino and poker sites accept transfers from western union as deposits ?

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  1. GamblingMaster says:

    The biggest sites wont accept money from WU. I suggest you to check here for USA welcome sites http://www.bettingwise.com/usagamblingsites.html
    Also try to use other deposit method as the listed there.

  2. Potsie says:

    There are many very reputable poker rooms that welcome Western Union and other person to person transaction methods like MoneyGram (found at Walmart) MoneyGram is actually cheaper, but most sites will cover your fees for either method anyway. Check out the independent reviews at http://GamblingReviewsSite.com/pokertips All of the recommended sites except for FullTilt offer Western Union deposits.

  3. Luis A. says:

    A lot of online players rather use Western Union due to the headaches of trying to use Credit Cards, but the fees sometimes are a little high plus you have to go all the way to the WU office and that is a hassle that a lot of people will try to avoid… who knows maybe you are sick, just tired, is too late at night, your game or tournament is about to start or the WU office is too far away… if that is your case I can tell you that there is a corporation that offers CASINO, SPORTS and POKER that is processing well over 95% YES 95% on the credit card transactions from their players… they pay fast and have been around for over 10 years. Check the link below for more info

  4. SiteMGM says:

    you can check this list

    it is a list of bookies accepting Western Union payments, and most bookies also have poker rooms and casinos, so give it a try for a full list

  5. Dan says:

    All of the following casino review sites accept this transfer and are recommended by many.

    Hope this helps and enjoy!

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