Will anyone deposit 40$ to an online casino for me?

I have the money on a card that the casino does not accept i will straight up trade across the money. The reason why im doing this is because i want to gamble but i have no casino’s around me (very small town) so if you would please respond.

6 Responses to “Will anyone deposit 40$ to an online casino for me?”

  1. GamblingMaster says:

    You can purchase all access visa gift from internet, it works online.
    I dont think anyone is willing to deposit his money for you.

  2. Abu Ras says:

    I know you’re wacked.

  3. voodoo196 says:

    seriously what kind of question is that

  4. the gambler says:

    this site accepted a lot of deposit methods
    try your luck here :

    good luck!

  5. online bingo says:

    Hi there! If you have problems like these, you would want to try your luck at http://www.bingohouse.com. They offer great benefits and promos for a newbie like you. They also accept money on a card like Visa, Mastercard and etc.

  6. Evie says:

    hi i know of casino that take all kind od deposit option and take all the cards so may be you can give it a try.

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