No Deposit Casinos

Most bonuses offered at online casinos are deposit bonuses. Players have to make a deposit upfront and then the casino provides some sort of matching bonus. However, players new to online gambling are hesitant to make a large deposit upfront. They are not conversant with the rules and procedures of online gambling and therefore want to start with small financial commitments. In order to cater to this group of online players many online casinos now offer bonuses without requiring the players to make any deposit upfront. Such online casinos are referred to as no deposit casinos.

There are two types of no deposit bonuses commonly offered in no deposit casinos. The first type of no deposit bonus is given to players so that they can become familiar with the games offered and the processes without having to invest their own funds. This type of no deposit bonus is usually in the range of $10 to $20. Though this may appears small it is really not so. In most games the minimum wagers are fairly small and even a sum of $10 allows players to make wagers over a spectrum of online casino games.

The second type of no deposit bonus is a more innovative concept and the objective is to expose the player to the thrill of wagering at online casinos. This type of no deposit bonus is also referred to as a free spins bonus. The player is awarded a certain amount of free credits that he can wager on specified slot games during a specified time frame. Typically the free spins no deposit bonus is about $500 and the playing time allowed is one hour. Some no deposit casinos restrict the slot game allowed to a single designated game whereas other no deposit casinos allow players greater freedom in the choice of games. When the players activate this no deposit bonus, a special casino appears on the screen, which is different from the regular casino. This casino will only have the allowed games and will also have a timer that immediately begins the countdown. Before the countdown ends the players can wager all they want provided they do not run out of money. If the player loses the given balance then he may be offered a consolation no deposit bonus of the earlier type or a deposit bonus. If the player makes winnings from the given balance he can transfer the winnings to his regular casino account.

Which ever type of no deposit bonus is offered by the no deposit casino, there are certain common factors that players should be aware of. Even though players need not make a deposit upfront they have to open a real money account with the casino. The objective of no deposit bonuses is to give players a chance to become familiar with the casino without making an investment. It is not to provide them with free take home money. Before players withdraw the winnings from no deposit bonuses they have to make a commitment to continue playing at the casino. They can make a deposit and continue wagering or can forgo the winnings and close their account.