Why Do Casinos Offer Exclusive Bonuses?

Online casinos offer bonuses in order to attract new customers and to inculcate loyalty among existing players. There are many different ways in which these bonuses are offered to the players. The most common way is by announcing the bonus at the website of the casino.

Another way of offering bonuses is via e-mails sent to existing players. Usually such bonuses have a very short span, maybe a few days, which is why they are not posted on the website. A third way of offering bonuses is through exclusive bonuses.

Exclusive bonuses are bonuses that are offered through third party websites. These websites are usually casino forums, casino directories or casino review sites. Because these bonuses are offered only to the members of the third party they are referred to as exclusive bonuses. These bonuses target new players and are usually in the nature of welcome bonuses.

Online casinos get a specific advantage by offering these exclusive bonuses. When new players are searching for a place to gamble, they rarely have the name of a specific casino in mind. They either go to the casino forums or directories from where they can learn about online casinos suitable to them.

If general search terms like “online casino” are fed into search engines the results will lead to casino directories or casino review sites. Therefore these third-party sites have a capacity of drawing heavy traffic and channeling it to specific online casinos through links or advertisements at their websites.

In order to get a large share of the traffic from the third party websites, online casinos offer exclusive bonuses to players who have approached it through these websites. These bonuses are better than the bonuses posted at the casino’s own website. They can be understood as a quantity discount offered for bulk purchases.

Deposit bonuses are specified as a certain percent of the deposit subject to a certain upper limit for the bonus. Exclusive bonuses may offer a higher percent than normal or a higher upper limit than normal, or even both.

Players who are availing exclusive bonuses should keep certain factors in mind. The first thing they should check is whether the bonus offer is current or has expired. Exclusive bonuses are usually offered for a certain specified time period, which is mentioned in the offer. Thereafter it may be renewed by the mutual consent of the online casino and the third party.

What happens sometimes is that the bonus offer is not renewed and lapses. But the third party has not removed the offer from its website. If the offer has lapsed there is no point in trying to claim it.

The second thing that players should be careful about is following the exact procedure specified. Usually players are required to access the online casino through a link in the third party website. Players who access the casino directly are not eligible for the exclusive bonus.

Some casinos require players to enter a coupon code while redeeming the exclusive bonus. This coupon code is available at the third party website and therefore confirms that the player has approached the casino through the third party.