Is there any online casino or poker site that accepts American Express to make deposits?

I’ve seen most (if not all) take MC, Visa and other payment systems but I haven’t found any that take AMEX. Anyone knows of one?

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  1. mister_pisces says:

    If you are in the US, not only do they not take American Express, but they don’t take Visa or Mastercard either

  2. medl_98 says:

    Beginning about two years ago, US-based financial institutions stopped allowing their credit card’s use at online gaming sites. They did this because of the high incedence of fraud.

    NETeller is now the best way to process deposits and withdrawals at online gaming sites. It is a one-time setup that makes online gaming much simpler. You can make deposits to NETeller from a credit card, bank card, or bank account and then use the NETeller funds to play at online gaming sites. When you are ready to withdraw funds from the online gaming site, it goes back to the NETeller account; from the NETeller account, you can refund the credit card, bank card, or have the funds put into your bank account. Before you sign up, send me an email with subject “NETeller Bonus Request” and I will get you an extra 10% on your first deposit; my contact information is here:

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